♥ Spring Specials ♥

        New Lash Extension Sets:     

    Sm. $89   Med. $99   Full $119





New Sets: (see specials above)

Small Set: $109  (up to 40 lashes per eye)

Medium Set: $119  (41-50 lashes per eye)

Full Set: $159  (51-70 lashes per eye)

Extra Full Set:  $199  (70+ lashes per eye)




♥ Upgrades to the next size: PRICES WILL VARY depending on how many extra lashes are applied.

*Note: If you decide that you'd like to upgrade to the next size set and want more lashes, all upgrades MUST be completed within 72 hours or less to be considered a retouch.



Small: $45   (16-25 lashes per eye replaced)

Medium: $55   (26-40 lashes per eye replaced)

Full: $65   (41-50 lashes per eye replaced)

Extra Full: $75    (42-60 + lashes per eye replaced)


♥ Retouches over 4+weeks or less than half

of lashes intact is considered a new set. 




- Starting at $25



Lash Removal:

Entire Set: $40  

Emergency Removal:  $50

Partial Set:  $20



Learn how to apply strip lashes:

 - $25    ♥ Take a 20 minute tutorial on the proper, painless, FAST and easy way to apply strip lashes.  You will be a PRO and finally realize HOW EASY they are to apply!  ♥  




Brow Shaping: $20          

Brow Maintenance: $15

Lip: $10            

Chin: $10           

Full Face: $45




Brows: $20        

Eyelashes: $20   










PCA  Customized Peel: $149  

- includes FREE "After-Care" Kit - $45 Value

* New clients are encouraged to call Jennifer for monthly peel specials and packages

Don't let the term "Chemical Peel" scare you.  Chemical peels can change a person's self-esteem, confidence and essentially their life!  


The following skin conditions can

be treated with peels:


* Acne  * Scarring  * Rosacea  

* Psoriasis  * Large Pores  *Dark/light spots

* Dry Skin  * Fine Lines & Wrinkles

*The product line offered is free from synthetic dyes, fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, lanolin and phthalates. All formulations are made with ingredeints found naturally in the skin and body for maximum biocampatiblity. There is absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING!



*All facials are customized starting with a thorough consultation to see how to best meet your skin's unique needs. All facials start with a warm foot bath, hand, arm, neck, shoulder, and facial massage!


Express Facial


This 30 minute facial focuses on radiance and deep exfoliation.  The treatment offers cleansing, deep exfoliation and a radiance masque to boost a beautiful glow.  This is perfect for a lunch break or right before a special event!


R&R -  Relax & Resurface


You will receive one full hour of Aveda's "signature" facial offering aromatherapy, essential oils, masque treatments and unique "finishing touches" to complete your service.


Oxy-Trio Facial


Recommended for dull, sallow skin
This antioxidant therapy corrects and prevents free radical damage and helps stimulate oxygen and circulation to the skin’s surface resulting in radiant, healthy skin; instant, glowing results. (My personal favorite!)   ***  Not for clients allergic to aspirin or sensitive skin.


Detoxifying Treatment


This deep pore cleansing treatment is a great choice to detoxify your skin, dissolve impactions/blackheads and kill bacteria. Leaves the skin purified, hydrated and clear.  ***  Not for clients allergic to aspirin


Therapeutic Oat Milk Facial



Recommended for sensitive skin, rosacea or “mother’s to be” Soothe the skin and hydrate with oat milk, honey, cucumber & arnica.  Helps relieve the skin of inflammation and is an intense hydrator.   ***  All skin types can benefit from this facial.



Retexturizing  Pumpkin Facial


Recommended for Sun damaged or resilient skin.  An exfoliating pumpkin enzyme and salicylic acid treatment. Addresses rough-textured skin and focuses on nourishing the skin and drawing out impurities. Leaves skin with a healthier complexion.     ***  Not for pregnant, lactating clients.   ***  Not for clients allergic to aspirin.





 Call Jennifer today and ask about other specials she offers monthly ♥